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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Final Year Projects for Computer Science Students

By their final year of schooling, computer science students are commonly well versed on the basics of computer system maintenance and creation. By assigning a final project that allows these knowledgeable students to demonstrate their skills, instructors can both encourage pupils to extend their thinking and gauge students' overall understanding of the complex concepts of computing.

Video Game Development

  • Challenge your computer science students to use their programming skills to develop a video game. Allow students to select a theme and general design for their video game and use a programming language of their choice to develop their digital activity. Give each student the opportunity to present his game to his class. After all students have presented their video games, allow students to vote on which game they would most like to play.
    Extend the activity by also requiring students to develop packaging and promotional materials for their games and present this auxiliary material along with their game during their presentation.

Robot Design

  • Allow your computer science students to use their problem-solving skills to develop a robot. Provide students with materials to build their robotic creations, or allow them to find and select their own building supplies. Set requirements for what the robot must do, such as lift a pencil or travel across the room. Ask each student to present and explain their robot, describing the process she followed to create the robot and what inspired her to use the methods she did.

Household Automation Plan

  • Test your students' creativity and skill by asking them to apply computer technology to household chores by developing a household automation plan. Ask your students to select five household chores that could be automated and create a plan for automating each task. For example, a student could devise a household dishwasher that is completely automatic (loading, cleaning and perhaps even putting away the dishes). For each planned advancement, ask students to list the computer technology that would be required to complete the automation plan. Instruct students to combine all five of their automation plans into a portfolio and present this portfolio to the class.

Future of Computing Essay

  • Ask your students to look toward the future as they finish up their computer education by composing an essay on the future of computing. Instruct your students to research contemporary innovations in computing and forecast how they think computing will change given this development. Instruct students to compose a paper outlining the changes that they believe will develop in the future. Encourage students to make reference to contemporary computing literature to back up their predictions.

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