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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Final Year Instrumentation and Control Projects

This post is regarding the Project topics for Instrumentation and Control Engineering Discipline final year Students.

I will first give out the instrumentation and control engineering project titles first, if you need any help in that particular topic, you may contact me in the comment form..

Industrial machine Data (sensors) Transmitting, Receiving And Control Through Walkie Talkie.
Temperature Reding And Controlling Through Fibre Cable.
Wireless Controlling For Boiler / Gas Stove temperature / Timer / Flame Controlling System.
Finger print recognition.
Using SCADA for Process Control
Data Acquisition for Process Control using Lab View Software.
PLC based Dc Servo Motor Control System
Instrumentation Project on POWER GRID CONTROL THROUGH PC.
Temperature Reading Data - Transmitted Through Fibre Cable.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Hassi

    I find your topics useful for Instrumentation control projects, i really appreciate to know further about:
    1- Heart beat Monitor with wave on LCD.
    2-Wireless controlling
    3-Instrumentation Project on POWER GRID CONTROL THROUGH PC.

    Plz reply to me on:

    Kind regards


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