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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Digital Signal Processing Final Year Projects

1. 3D Synthetic Environment.
2. A High Performance Implementation of MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio Encode.
3. AC drive.
4. Acoustic Echo Cancellation algorithm 7 Implementation using DSP.
5 Acoustic liquid level gauge.
6. Adaptive channel equalization.
7. Advanced LCR meter using DSP techniques.
8. Alu design using VHDL.
9. Audio signal processing.
10. Automatic collision avoider.
11. Binaural sound localization.
12. Biologically plausible pitch perception.
13. Biopmetric finger print system.
14. Biometric smart camera.
15. Cellular communication simulator b using MATLAB.
16. Channel Implemention.
17. Character display .
18. Class 5 accuracy data acuation.
19. Cochlea Implants.
20. Command and control using voice recognition.
21. Counter design.
22. CPU design.
23. Data compression.
24. Data transmission through power line.
25. Delta modulation.
26. Detection of human speech in structured Noise.
27. Digitale AC motor control.
28. Digital Scanner.
29. Digitale signal processing aid for labs.
30 Doppler correction.
31. DSP based data acquisition system.
32. DSP based ECG Monitor.
33. DSP based image processing.
34. DSP based Karaoke system.
35. DSP based medical announcement system.
36. DSP based modems.
37. DSP based multi channel monitoring system.
38. DSP based signal analyzer.
39. DSP based voice transmission system.
40. DSP function generator.
41. DSP based digital Equalizer.
42. Digital signals processing demonstrator.
43. DTMF code generator & detection.
44. Error correction coding using convoultion encoding and VITERBI decoding.
45. Eror correction coding using trellis ecoding and VITERBI decoding.
46. Estimation of aircraft trajectory from itsmotion using KALMAN TRACKING FILTER>
47. Eseimation of energy using sub band coding.
48. FFT design.
49. FIR & IIR firlters design.
50. FSK modulation & demodulation.

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